OnTwins consists of 10 solutions: 3D Library, Builder, Connector, Simulation, AI, Indicator Report, 3D Visualization, Dashboard, VR, and AR.
With OnTwins, anyone can quickly and easily build digital twins and metaverses in various domains.

3D Library

Objects libraries for various domains heterogeneous 3D data conversion.


Virtual world modeling such as factories and cities based on 3D library objects as convenient and fast as a game on the web.


Provides an interface to connect the modeled virtual world and the physical world with a few clicks.


Hybrid parallel processing simulation engine that can analyze material flow, productivity, sustainability, and safety at the same time.

Artificial Intelligence

Diagnosis and prediction of objects data collected in real time based on AI.

Indicator Report

Virtual world indicator report various chart-based KPIs reports for intuitive understanding.

3D Visualization

Visualization of 3D virtual world and indicators on web and mobile.


Digital twin and metaverse management and real-time monitoring of current and future KPIs of the physical world.


Realistic 3D world review using HMD like Oculus.


Checking the KPIs and action instructions of the objects at the physical world using mobile device.